TOPWATER HEAVEN?! Instant Action In Bass Fishing Tournament At My Favorite Lake

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Billy Baits and I decided to go fish a Saturday tournament down on Chickahominy Lake outside of Richmond. It’s one of my favorite lakes in the state because of the cypress trees, grass, and big fish. We hadn’t fished there since Spring but we figured we’d send it down and try to put a bag together.
It rained the majority of the day, but it definitely had the fish biting. We decided to run up into the river section to fish in the current and instantly got on fish. BIG thanks to Billy for having me on the boat, and I’m stoked on the outcome of the day.
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This week I’m going to try and get the new kayak out for the first time, do a review on lithium batteries vs deep cycle batteries, and Dennis and I have the musky in the mountains tournament next weekend! Hope you’re looking forward to the content.


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